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"My Little Pony: Socks Are Magic"
WebM ripped from the source.

Original description:
A weird fashion has taken over Equestria. Yeah, you guessed it right. Now every mare in every corner of Equestrian land wears socks (however there are some exceptions :D).
Twilight was given a very dangerous and crazy task: to find out where this massive obsession came from and why socks make ponies 20% cuter.

Darn, the process of socking ponies took more than I expected.
Did you know that Celestia's mane waves in 12 fps while Luna's in 24?

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro, everything in this video is just for fun.
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9 comments posted
Neko Majin C
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Twilight's Westley
Every mare in every corner of Equestrian land wears socks (however there are some exceptions :D).
Aside from Big Mac, only the females are wearing socks. Granny Smith is the only female not wearing socks. She seems to be morally or culturally against them as she is telling Big Mac to remove them. Or, maybe she is just against Big Mac wearing them because socks are considered female fashion. The latter makes more sense since Big Mac is known to cross dress. Since socks are female fashion, and Big Mac is openly wearing them in public, it could mean that Big Mac feels more confident and sexy dressed femininely.