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WIP of my artwork i'm drawing for vk.com/mlp_goodbye_zine

Dcene from the 1 seaseon 1th series, where Celestia and Luna see each other after a thousand years.

Tablet Huion H610 pro, Microsoft Surface 2017 | Photoshop CC + SAI 2
Art © Margony 2019
Character © HASBRO
PLEASE do not edit, sell without my permission.
safe1586086 artist:margony609 princess celestia89790 princess luna94208 alicorn199497 pony856331 friendship is magic2577 crown14548 cute181174 ear fluff24185 eyes closed81358 female1188337 hug25488 jewelry53059 mare426756 regalia16943 royal sisters3964 s1 luna6955 siblings6447 sisters7493 wip7449


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