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puddle worms

credit to TJpones for coming up with puddle worms™


Extra source
safe (1459837)artist:jargon scott (1812)nightmare moon (15233)princess celestia (85047)twilight sparkle (265621)oc (540741)oc:puddle worms™ (5)alicorn (170356)pony (724950)unicorn (215957)worm (354)comic:puddle worms™ (7)friendship is magic (2298)comic (92311)dialogue (52389)element of generosity (589)element of honesty (580)element of kindness (642)element of laughter (593)element of loyalty (750)element of magic (1597)elements of harmony (2249)female (786878)mare (351725)onomatopoeia (2407)simple background (299525)twiggie (117)white background (74716)


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Pretty soft for a Sony.
Now imagine Twiggles in the heat of battle, all of her worm buddies are cut up on the floor in apparent defeat, when suddenly Twiggles has a lot of extreme confidence and flashes magic from her horn and each individual piece of worm friend are charged up with magic and come back fully reformed and ready to fight again.
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Comments30 comments posted