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It turns out the original estimate of her size was a little off, as Oort clouds are a LOT bigger than I thought. So I had to up her estimated size from 2,000AU to the new figure. Making her about 100 times bigger! xD
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Background Pony #CF90
Twilight still has a lot of growing to do before she can surpass such things as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann who is 10 million light years tall or Super Shenron who is 57 billion light years long.

But I’m sure she will get there!
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Background Pony #8489
Basically saying that it would take about 2 years to make one full Rotation around Twilight at this exact moment of the comic
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Yet One More Idiot's avatar
Yet One More Idiot

World's biggest idiot xD
@Background Pony #AE8F
Actually it’s perfectly in proportion to the rest of Twiglet’s body.

It’s just her entire body that’s…what’s a good word? Huge, enormous, gigantic, titanic, immense…none of them really do justice to the grandness of her scale at this point.

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Yet One More Idiot's avatar
Yet One More Idiot

World's biggest idiot xD
Jupiter’s diameter is 86,881 miles
The sun’s is 864,340 miles.
The largest known star, UY Scuti, is about 1,700 times that, which puts it at around 16 AU.
Twilight is over a hundred and twenty times that big.

So no, there aren’t any planets bigger than Twilight at this point.

This page has already been updated…now Twiley’s measurement isn’t 2,000 AU, it’s 200 THOUSAND AU.

(Or, about 0.97 parsecs)

The plot is getting a little out of hoof by this point; then again, so is the storyline. ;D
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