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One last huzzah before entering full working mode Monday morning. I’ve been doing a bunch of pony commissions the past few months so I was reminded how much I frikin’ love this show.
Shout out to the two overworked, anxiety driven nerds who deserve a break so I gave them one.

safe2171875 artist:dragonfoxgirl413 starlight glimmer59922 sunburst8813 pony1599984 unicorn536856 g42026627 2018628 blushing273537 book43490 candle6990 cheek kiss3135 cute265424 daaaaaaaaaaaw7002 deviantart watermark5300 eyes closed138741 female1799945 glasses88523 glimmerbetes4781 hnnng2752 inkwell640 kissing32482 male549870 mare739277 quill3385 ship:starburst1581 shipping253849 sleeping29355 stallion195250 straight178822 sunbetes384 watermark24017 weapons-grade cute4653


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sunburst is actually pretty good when you can’t see his terrible, terrible beard