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while i was working on this, i realized someone else had already done the idea ;w; oops, but i like how this was going tho
safe1769236 artist:/d/non1193 lightning dust4639 rainbow dash240273 pegasus316316 pony1029126 the last problem6182 alternate hairstyle29402 clothes482457 crying45317 eyes closed99902 female1418018 forgiveness217 good end570 happy birthday mlp:fim1401 hooves18421 hug29429 mare510694 mlp fim's ninth anniversary314 older28190 older rainbow dash899 open mouth158046 reconciliation51 smiling266525 speech bubble24885 tears of joy2664 uniform11338 wings126666 wonderbolts uniform6046


not provided yet


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Abandoned Account

I’m sure they did the best they could, but I too wish she’d gotten a third episode. Then again, there’s a lot more I would’ve wanted from MLP this year so this isn’t that major. Hell, maybe she’ll get another chance in the comics. I know they’re not canon, but it’s better than nothing. If you wanna complain about the writers not knowing what they’re doing and such, there’s probably much better examples you can choose from.
Background Pony #EB73
I always identified with Dust as I always saw her as being over-enthusiastic and ‘alls well that ends well’ type, too. So yeah
Though I try to keep it more low-key than some of the other fans