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Black-alley pony cow milk deals :D
safe1704055 artist:badumsquish1963 derpibooru exclusive28350 rarity181624 cow3329 cow pony431 original species25108 pony965332 alley334 back alley28 bedroom eyes59308 bell4427 bell collar2285 black market1 collar33058 cowbell1094 cowified612 cute199424 dialogue65409 female1360858 flirting1474 flirty288 hey kid you wanna ss?25 horns5927 implied lactation80 implied milking53 jewelry63404 leaning3593 looking at you168146 mare479414 mottled coat58 necklace18718 out of context4365 peeking675 raribetes5381 raricow747 show accurate15490 smiling247622 smirk12449 solo1062515 species swap19688 talking to viewer2692 wall763


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Background Pony #D104
I wonder why the cows stop showing up after season 2… They are sentient.
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Megalomaniacal toaster
"I drink milk straight from the source."
"The cow?!"

Well, given the fact that everyone is an animal, I suspect it does taste better than the milk humans usually drink.

Wonder if Raricow has resorted to backalley deals since Milky Way has a monopoly on the main roads…
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Background Pony #D104
I wonder a black market would be called in equestria…. Maybe a black mare-ket

I'll leave now
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