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Made me cry, not gonna lie. What a fucking finale and epilogue. Many tears, many friends together to experience it with. This show has brought me so much joy, I can't express it with words. But that doesn't mean I won't try!

I'm not leaving anytime soon! More content to come! I love you all!

Special thanks to Lavender for helping me with this one!
safe1635884 artist:nekosnicker241 editor:shobieshy1 applejack164261 fluttershy205274 pinkie pie209553 rainbow dash226213 rarity175625 twilight sparkle291248 alicorn210257 earth pony222631 pegasus264499 pony901020 unicorn293597 animated95143 crying41476 cute189097 digital art15720 end of ponies775 eyes closed85889 female1302032 group hug844 hug26671 mane six30786 mare448097 music2687 music video299 open mouth132846 remix63 smiling229395 song951 sound7970 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119726 webm11792


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