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Princess Cadance under the watchful eye of a changeling guard before the Canterlot Invasion.

One of my older MLP comics. This one took a little longer than I thought it would.

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41 comments posted
Background Pony #3162
Or… that the Changelings themselves are a bit too arrogant, thinking the ponies are helpless, and that underestimation will be their downfall, just as before. ;)
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When Queen Chrysalis mind controls a pony, it proves the dominance of the glorious changeling hive over those decadent ponies.
When Princess Cadance mind controls a changeling, it proves how perfidious and low this pony whore is, and why the ponies need to be subjugated!

I could honestly see her marrying this guy right alongside Shining… then personally officiate a surprise wedding with both their sisters.

Having actual 'Love Magic' is OP as all hell.
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Background Pony #39A5
is this is the first time where Cadance got Impregnation from Kanashiipanda comics?
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