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Princess Cadance under the watchful eye of a changeling guard before the Canterlot Invasion.

One of my older MLP comics. This one took a little longer than I thought it would.

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explicit (286616)grimdark (30143)artist:kanashiipanda (560)princess cadance (28454)anthro (203887)changeling (33378)kanashiipandaverse (101)2 handfuls of dem hips (888)aftersex (7352)ahegao (18813)an egg being attacked by sperm (1306)armor (19125)bedroom eyes (45111)brother and sister (2867)clothed female nude female (1911)clothed female nude male (1133)clothed male nude female (1089)clothed male nude male (119)comic (91175)creampie (23694)cum (65765)dialogue (51555)disappearing clothes (41)drool (20410)drool string (4581)egg cell (1220)female (776533)hentai quotes (339)holding hands (1959)impregnation (2098)incest (11235)internal cumshot (2675)looking at each other (12987)looking back (42706)looking over shoulder (1430)male (263587)mind control (2548)nipples (122206)nudity (299399)obscured penetration (574)one eye closed (20931)open mouth (106272)penetration (42207)rape (7423)sex (95510)siblings (3988)spermatozoon (1224)tongue out (77204)vaginal (29965)vulva (99178)x-ray (5729)


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27 comments posted
I could honestly see her marrying this guy right alongside Shining… then personally officiate a surprise wedding with both their sisters.

Having actual ’Love Magic’ is OP as all hell.
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Background Pony #37A5
is this is the first time where Cadance got Impregnation from Kanashiipanda comics?
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Comments27 comments posted