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safe (1429180)artist:fishimira (306)coco pommel (5074)earth pony (148233)pony (697934)3d (51390)adorable distress (267)animated (84772)balancing (854)bed (30985)behaving like a cat (1581)behaving like a dog (1098)briefcase (121)cocobetes (471)cute (148494)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2578)doomguy (92)doom slayer (21)female (759961)fishimira is trying to kill us (5)floppy ears (41310)frown (19593)gritted teeth (9137)hnnng (2048)holding a pony (2179)jumping (2609)looking down (5376)mare (335177)no tail (932)petting (1487)pillow (12780)pony pet (568)reaching (301)sad (20591)scared (7900)smiling (183168)smol (310)source filmmaker (30647)tiny (801)weapons-grade cute (2706)wide eyes (14292)

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Background Pony #9771
Wish the cuddling went on a little longer. Did the artist use some video as a base?
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Comments45 comments posted