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i think it’s a nice episode, probably because i would be happy if i see anything about Twilght…
there’s a lot of fun on ponies expressions and reactions.

safe2172850 artist:coldrivez45 pinkie pie255609 twilight sparkle357477 alicorn313821 earth pony445656 pony1601033 a trivial pursuit1300 g42027291 season 93388 ambition13 angry36615 annoyed7248 duo169559 duo fe1 female1801170 horn189759 leaning on table104 mare740116 messy mane10888 pointing5739 quiz game3 simple background595410 sitting92251 spread wings94349 table13064 trivia trot59 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149022 white background161370 wings222635


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