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Commissioned from Dieart77. Thank you.

Requested by kachito.

A steamy situation going on here, right? Question remains: Who’s idea was it?
suggestive (115389)artist:dieart77 (336)applejack (149606)flash sentry (11066)rainbow dash (206026)rarity (159467)sunset shimmer (51415)human (132374)equestria girls (162309)abs (7659)applejack's hat (4040)barefoot (21880)bed (31757)bedroom (6884)bedroom eyes (45104)belly button (60465)belt (3701)black underwear (2992)blushing (156523)bra (12512)breasts (208945)cleavage (27741)clothes (362218)cowboy hat (10883)eye (1186)eyes (1604)eyes closed (69229)feet (30019)female (776317)fivesome (75)flashdash (59)flashimmer (1490)flashjack (37)flash sentry gets all the mares (103)flash sentry gets all the waifus (98)group (2479)hat (66205)imminent orgy (42)imminent sex (4309)kissing (20375)kiss on the cheek (1223)laying on bed (555)laying on side (756)lidded eyes (19497)lingerie (8507)lucky bastard (1834)lying down (8012)lying in bed (179)male (263490)negligee (63)nightgown (1157)open clothes (2039)open shirt (859)panties (42116)pants (10075)partial nudity (13351)pillow (13018)polyamory (3986)seductive (1275)seductive look (857)seductive pose (1111)sentrity (70)sexy (19077)shipping (166875)smiling (186561)straight (110945)thighs (5019)underwear (50364)waifu thief (624)wall of tags (1849)

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