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Commission for Angel, featuring her OC Alicorn Angelissa, along with all of the other alicorn princesses, giving Swift Sketch and Lightning Flash a close-up look at where they could potentially be going soon. All they have to do is choose…

Swift Sketch and Lightning Flash are property of their respective owners.

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suggestive (122883) artist:omny87 (298) princess cadance (29647) princess celestia (87765) princess luna (91776) twilight sparkle (274874) oc (575542) oc:angelissa (41) oc:lightning flash (122) oc:swift sketch (295) alicorn (184774) earth pony (181040) pegasus (222967) pony (801516) alicorn oc (20696) bedroom eyes (48965) canon x oc (20915) imminent vore (2027) kitchen eyes (585) licking (17178) licking lips (3744) mawshot (1204) mouth (465) open mouth (116493) tongue out (85385) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (111328) twipred (644) wingding eyes (18150)


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