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This is my farewell piece to the mlp series. Simple, containing elements of where we met the characters way back ins season 1, to where we will leave them at the end. Been a fun ride…
safe (1429402)artist:princrim (45)applejack (147858)fluttershy (184172)pinkie pie (189082)rainbow dash (203959)rarity (157666)spike (68543)twilight sparkle (260528)alicorn (163602)butterfly (5510)dragon (37732)earth pony (148319)pegasus (188088)pony (698174)unicorn (203381)applejack's hat (3803)book (27072)cowboy hat (10497)cutie mark (33921)end of ponies (556)farewell (44)female (760199)friendship throne (601)glasses (47016)goggles (11727)hat (64758)male (258046)mane seven (4804)mane six (26477)mare (335359)measuring tape (840)one eye closed (20375)open mouth (104249)present (4524)quill (2064)rest in peace (268)scroll (2727)smiling (183221)superman (578)the end (173)the end is neigh (86)throne (2413)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102108)wink (18664)


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Background Pony #D28E
Anyone else thing that Fluttershy’s looks a bit barren with just butterflys? Kinda like crickets chirping after a bad joke. But then again, what else represents fluttershy? Pretty good tribute. And now I am sad.
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