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Pinkie PoV Part 3/4: Cream Filled 💗

Previous Part: >>1701092

Third part in a four part PoV series starring Pinkie as your lover~

You’ve packed her belly full over and over, Pinkie’s already generous figure is going to REALLY start growing, now.

Alt Versions of this piece (Bellybutton Ring/Nude/WIP) are available here

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explicit (285715)artist:spindlesx (198)pinkie pie (190566)anthro (203213)aftersex (7357)areola (10682)bedroom eyes (44989)belly (20831)belly button (60286)belly rubbing (11)big areola (4223)big breasts (57567)blushing (155963)blushing profusely (1227)bow (19728)breast milk (3681)breasts (207898)busty pinkie pie (8507)caress (95)chubbie pie (261)chubby (11551)clothes (360990)cum (65586)cum belly (647)cum inflation (2841)curvy (5172)cute (151175)disembodied hand (2146)erect nipples (7056)extra thicc (405)female (773094)female focus (4117)grope (9281)hair bow (10600)hand (6896)hand on belly (129)happy (24270)heart (38351)huge belly (1316)huge breasts (26342)implied anon (516)impossibly large belly (7758)impossibly large breasts (12401)inflation (7343)insertion (13043)lactation (4610)large insertion (538)lewd (750)lingerie (8493)looking at you (122924)love (3823)low angle (1105)male (262328)male pov (5873)milk (2937)milking (977)milk squirt (799)monochrome (135603)nipples (121587)nudity (298372)offscreen character (24675)one eye closed (20778)open mouth (105872)outie belly button (844)plump (6158)pov (13262)preggy pie (254)pregnant (11229)puffy areolas (1569)ribbon (5581)ring (1740)rubbing (874)sexy (18965)smiling (185926)socks (49765)solo focus (12612)spreading (13796)spread legs (14400)straight (110704)stupid sexy pinkie (545)thick (2714)thigh highs (23927)thighs (4905)thunder thighs (5133)tight clothing (1896)vaginal secretions (33020)vulva (98759)wedding ring (524)wide hips (11933)wink (18902)


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