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how Celestia truly won the throne
safe1590218 artist:t72b502 derpibooru exclusive24600 princess celestia90615 alicorn198405 earth pony204472 ork79 pegasus245238 pony857195 unicorn271932 abstract background12155 atg 2019731 aura762 aweeg*323 background pony9332 behaving like a bird603 birb282 chest fluff32987 cute181088 cutelestia3248 female934301 fluffy13033 generic pony576 halo1492 horse logic3 intimidating153 limited palette1497 majestic as fuck1167 mare421743 misspelling2216 newbie artist training grounds5709 pink mane655 pink-mane celestia2388 puffy cheeks3557 scrunchy face6831 silly7079 silly pony2876 text51854 warboss9 warhammer (game)2028 young celestia291 younger15699


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