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questionable107552 artist:dieart77463 princess celestia91109 rainbow dash223873 equestria girls187233 assisted exposure1723 bad touch714 belly button71032 blushing182277 clothes425242 drunk4535 drunklestia142 exhibitionism7896 female1284616 imminent rape1589 imminent sex5577 lesbian91770 molestation1670 pants12946 pants down875 personal space invasion738 principal celestia3308 principal molestia23 public nudity2949 sexual harassment173 this will end in jail time378 undressing4893


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Background Pony #54FE
"And then she stuck her hand down my pants and fingered me until I came!"

"I see. And did you thank her afterwards?"


"Miss, that was incredibly rude. I'm going to let you off with a warning this time but I suggest you learn some manners."

@Background Pony #3C21
When those created a head cannon into the chances twilight and princess Luna were in another part of the cruise ship while they had watched possibility a drunk princess celesta fondle rainbow dash's breasts and help her out of her leggings. as those wonder if twilight's reactions are OMG when princess Luna's reactions had warned celesta's actions are ripe for assault charges.
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Background Pony #640F
Just out of curiosity, what are those lines called that you see between the legs and pelvic area?. You know, the ones that Celestia is currently exposing on Rainbow as she's pulling her pants down.
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Background Pony #546E
Hell Yeah! She must Molest all of her Female Students & Co-Workes, Young & Old, From Vice Princiap Luna on the Oldest side to the CMC at the Youngest side. MOLEST THEM ALL!
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