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"Your father would be so proud if he could see you now. He would have wanted you to have this…. happy birthday my little Apple Blossom"
"Oh WOW! Dad gave me this?! Will he come back for my birthday this year…. momma, why are you crying?"

Headcannon Pear Butter dies soon after giving birth to Apple Bloom, this is right before AJ leaves to the city to live with her Aunt and uncle orange. Unable to bear the pain of the memories at home.
safe1635636 artist:ardail275 applejack164235 pear butter2636 earth pony222546 pony900772 applejack's hat6181 ardail is trying to murder us2 bed38547 bittersweet151 cowboy hat14309 crying41472 cute189053 daaaaaaaaaaaw3401 ear fluff26104 emotional143 feels1554 female1301789 filly62670 floppy ears48616 freckles26709 guitar4657 hat81465 high res24002 hnnng2347 hospital1441 hospital bed399 indoors2350 iv bag16 jackabetes5547 lidded eyes28785 mother and child1786 mother and daughter5524 open mouth132782 pearabetes287 sad23415 sadorable785 siblings7388 smiling229338 tearjerker128 tears of joy2306 weapons-grade cute3484 younger16394


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Coffey Hors
oh hey glad everyone likes it, I sure did put in a lot of time and effort into this one
Trying to make it a special one ;