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suggestive190446 artist:racoonsan660 princess cadance39988 human244767 g42025934 .psd available423 anime7560 armpits46909 ass81255 beach22005 beautiful8600 beautisexy1975 bikini25571 breasts390130 busty princess cadance4451 butt230718 cheeky panties295 clothes633008 cute265360 eyeshadow29929 female1799268 fingernails779 humanized119335 long hair8351 looking at you258570 looking back86327 looking back at you29434 lovebutt1974 makeup40186 milf13289 nail polish11574 outdoors21507 patreon15293 patreon logo9686 praise the love11 sexy45894 smiling396343 solo1423563 solo female234099 sports bra4761 sports panties703 stupid sexy princess cadance742 summer2094 sunscreen804 swimsuit39051 water25358


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seems like a real reach, of the “green magic aura means Character X is a changeling” after season 3 episodes, which has only happened twice. If you wanted to hint this Cadance is Chrysalis, green eyes is how you’d do it.
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Because the choice of colours are pretty much exactly the Chrysalis colour scheme, and it’s seemingly the only way to express that when human skin tones are used?
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Aww, it’s a sidebutt pic, so that means no vagina in the nude. Still a good pic regardless.