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safe1597066 screencap208166 princess celestia90352 princess luna94693 alicorn201971 orca173 pony866868 between dark and dawn1531 adorkable3265 alternate hairstyle25146 clothes418482 cute183026 dork3517 duo51449 ethereal mane6794 eyeliner904 female1270385 frown21642 hair bun2967 hoof on cheek257 lidded eyes27590 makeup18581 mare431258 ponytail16107 post office238 royal sisters4000 scale213 siblings6633 sisters7629 smiling220450 that pony sure does love the post office53


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Background Pony #033D
A thousand years into Netflix and Chill and she gives you this look.
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Scintilla Aquila

Honorary Yak
I was going to say Anontheanon, but in any case you hit on what was bothering me about a lot of these faces: the proportions look off from the show's established style. I wonder if it's just the fact that we haven't seen the royal sisters making such faces that makes it seem more jarring than usual?
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Beau Skunky
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2019) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends
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Happy 10th anniversary!
Might be one of Luna's best faces.
Every time I start to think they've run out of new facial expressions they surprise me.
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