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I have to admit, I didn't realize it when I watched the episode, but it literally is skull island.

I don't know what kind of discoveries Scootaloo's parents were after to make going there worthwhile, but perhaps we should just be happy they made it back at all.
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@northern haste
Considering the rulers of Equestria have absolute control of all the heavenly objects I'm actually quite surprised they didn't go with the flat earth idea. In fact, this makes things are more confusing. Like does their planet even move or is it completely still and Celestia and Luna purely move the Sun and Moon so days and even the concept of time exist? In which case was this logic ever manipulated by other rulers? Speaking of which, when it's night or day on the one side of the planet does that mean the same works on the other side? In which case who moves the Sun and Moon on the opposite side? Do Celestia and Luna move it all the time even without any magic being shown or are they actively moving on their own with Luna and Celestia help when they are away? If so then why do Celestia and Luna need to move them at at all if they can move fine on their own?

Seriously, the whole idea that Equestria's world is round actually brings forth way more conspiracies then if it was flat.