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Continuing my series of arts with sleeping processes, I've made a drawing with Cadance and.. why not to add her sweet daughter? She's a princess too.
safe1708575 artist:margony675 princess cadance32501 princess flurry heart7279 alicorn224867 pony969631 bed40991 cheek fluff5580 chest fluff39218 cute200121 cutedance1258 duo61525 ear fluff29641 eyes closed93750 female1365046 filly66913 fluffy14259 flurrybetes957 in bed214 leg fluff3051 mama cadence50 mare481652 mother and daughter5926 neck fluff756 sleeping23481 smiling249072


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I wanted to say Cadence's eye looks a little like Chrysalis' from the side, but it seems that's just the way this artist draws eyes.