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safe (1505796) artist:t72b (367) derpibooru exclusive (22435) queen chrysalis (30854) starlight glimmer (40887) trixie (59440) changeling (36530) changeling queen (9850) pony (782568) alien (franchise) (370) angry (21600) female (830259) holding a pony (2363) hoof hold (6655) loader (3) mare (377449) monochrome (140347) parody (14858) powered exoskeleton (559) suprised look (45) surprised (7415) text (45122) vulgar (18748) yelling (2629)


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Background Pony #A34E
Starlight: Tr-Trixie?! Were you get this?!
Trixie: Now, Hurt her and Trixie will Hurt You , Bitch!
other wall blow up and Twilight flash show up with a spartan armor.
Twilight: Like Trixie say, let her and you wont be hurt but hurt her and you'are dead, so Let my star student and Friends!
Flash: So watch your move carefuly.
Twilight use energy sword and MA5B Individual Combat Weapon System and flash use M392 Designated Marksman Rifle and the M45 Tactical Shotgun.
Chrysalis: eh is not a bit…over kill?
Pinkie: You want overkill?(she break other and show with a gundam and point her with with all her missile)
Chrysalis:….this Is not my day!
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Pretty soft for a Sony.
The second movie in the franchise, the power loader.
In my own opinion the first and second movies are the only two films worthwhile in the entire series…
The video game series has quite a mixed bag of releases, if I remember correctly its either the first two or three Aliens vs Predator games that were good.
I think it was the second game that let's start as a face hugger and work your way all the way up to a queen alien.
One of my favorite thing between both of these fandoms is when people make the changelings and ultimately Queen Chrysalis, more like the xenomorphs.
Queen Chrysalis makes for an awesome queen alien.