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Оригинал >>901648
safe (1429815)artist:doublewbrothers (434)edit (99229)apple bloom (43629)applejack (147924)discord (26751)fluttershy (184237)maud pie (11061)pinkie pie (189133)princess celestia (83677)princess luna (88033)rainbow dash (204014)rarity (157718)smooze (800)tree hugger (2442)twilight sparkle (260634)alicorn (163714)pony (698553)make new friends but keep discord (1852)always works (34)backwards cutie mark (2691)clothes (355899)comic (89623)cookie (2907)cutie mark crusaders (16247)cyrillic (1220)dreamworks face (672)dress (35052)drugged (186)drugs (2023)female (760565)flutterhigh (132)fluttertree (391)food (51143)fourth wall (2000)fridge horror (170)funny (3189)funny as hell (396)funny end (8)gala dress (3972)high (599)hi girls (23)hug (22651)implied marijuana (13)lsd (102)mane six (26503)mare (335586)marijuana (980)naked rarity (195)nudist (1503)pinkamena diane pie (17225)pinkie high (20)russian (3348)smoke weed erryday (70)stoned (221)translation (2275)tree stoner (38)twilight snapple (1750)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102180)undressing (4081)wall of tags (1788)

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