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safe1583189 artist:uotapo890 sci-twi21760 sunset shimmer57350 twilight sparkle283331 equestria girls182415 equestria girls series29118 clothes413374 cute180520 duo50326 female1163108 geode of empathy2440 geode of telekinesis2430 glasses55019 magical geodes6905 open mouth124797 profile5554 shimmerbetes3934 skirt36032 smiling217412 twiabetes10419 walking4188


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Background Pony #35BF
sighs WHY?! EVERY art piece you make feels like an anime lol

But it's a great art style I <3 it
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Pre-1932 US car fan
Is Sunset wearing Starlight's old dress?
(And yes, I am aware that by the time she was introduced to the EQG world, she wasn't evil anymore)
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