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safe1584520 artist:pwaamlpfim2 applejack159675 fluttershy199532 pinkie pie204195 rainbow dash220687 rarity170869 spike74386 sunset shimmer57411 trixie62820 twilight sparkle283501 dragon48806 earth pony205156 human144224 pegasus246624 pony854912 unicorn273105 boast busters1028 ace attorney629 angry24353 animated92796 breakdown111 cape9206 clothes413903 courtroom147 crossover58090 female1181844 filly59828 filly trixie210 hat77085 mane six29645 mare426078 sound7267 trixie's cape3403 trixie's hat4182 turnabout storm180 unicorn twilight13587 webm10799 younger15547


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Digital Seapony
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Princess Book Horse fan
It's a pity the creator left the fandom after Twilicorn. Now we'll never know for sure what these black Psyche-Locks represented.
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