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suggestive192496 artist:radiantrealm433 rarity219435 twilight sparkle360986 alicorn319269 pony1627434 g42052892 angry37046 arm behind back8656 blushing278987 bondage47110 bound and gagged2384 bound wings4911 choker21916 collar48688 female1828273 gag20206 horn203342 horn ring7820 lesbian119066 magic suppression5105 muffled moaning1100 on back34820 pet tag2581 rope16144 rope bondage7213 show accurate27131 show accurate porn9795 tape2465 tape gag1573 tied up8886 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150737


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@Banana 56  
Hmm, that’s a good question. Maybe something with a crystal pendant that incorporates both of their Cutie Marks or Elements? Like a purple diamond-shaped Crystal with a magenta 6-pointed star-shaped Crystal inside of that?
Background Pony #FFA5
@Banana 56  
ball gag (to replace the tape), vibrating dildo (with wireless remote), buttplug, candles, and a count down clock with the number of hours remaining?
Background Pony #FFA5
@Banana 56  
Maybe rarity showing off the toys she is planning to use? or after she has used them on twilight and now she (twilight) is all done up in and rarity is just relaxing and watching…?