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safe2173942 artist:heir-of-rick1454 applejack200428 original species36485 wheelpone418 daily apple pony253 g42028579 apple21218 appul128 female1802253 food101267 freckles43851 goggles18415 hidden cane88 i can't believe it's not badumsquish122 limbless116 smiling397284 smirk18149 solo1425739 species swap26637


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Background Pony #CF7B
I’m pretty sure they announced the project was cancelled somewhere. Maybe the site where they did is no longer around (on the official site for the game perhaps?).
And they basically stated that they didn’t want to continue working on the game only for the project to eventually be C&D and all their efforts going to waste.
But 2017 you say? I guess maybe the project was picked up again at some point but unfortunately nothing happened since as you said…
Background Pony #DBDC
@Background Pony #9788
I got into MLP/the fandom less than 2 years ago and from I’ve seen as a latecomer: Hasbro’s C&D didn’t scare people off, it nuked the community from orbit and then salted the irradiated land just for good measure. To this day, I’m still hearing about MLP projects that were either killed or I simply cannot find cause my search engine-fu is weak.