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safe2172317 artist:bobthedalek1080 firelight539 starlight glimmer59935 pony1600500 unicorn537067 g42027034 animal costume3053 bunny costume899 camera5200 clothes633550 costume39085 easter1997 easter egg1650 father and daughter4028 fathers gonna father64 female1800491 high res407703 holiday35218 implied trixie452 inconvenient trixie386 levitation16232 magic96509 male550036 mare739637 stallion195322 telekinesis39000 this will end in tears4325 this will not end well2454


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What if it wasn’t Trixie though? Firelight’s comment indicates that he doesn’t actually know Trixie, and he was just called on the phone. So, what if someone else called him, claiming to be Trixie, and then told him about the egg hunt in order to embarrass Starlight? And maybe have her blame Trixie for it.

Or, maybe Trixie did call him, and this is her revenge for Starlight selling her wagon back in Road to Friendship
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I’m just here admiring the fact that she’s doing an egg hunt for charity while having to wear that. How generous of her.