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But this isn’t even the beach! Found on 4chan’s /mlp/, artist not stated.
suggestive (105533)artist:splashbrush (1)edit (87181)princess celestia (79380)oc (485845)oc:anon (10081)4chan (5191)bathtub (1133)blushing (142707)breasts (183818)bubble bath (232)busty princess celestia (7239)colored (14212)cute (132259)cutelestia (2384)cutie mark on human (1175)drawthread (1276)duo (34688)flirting (1064)goggles (11018)hat (57897)human (122525)humanized (85690)innuendo (873)lifeguard (238)/mlp/ (7422)reversed gender roles equestria (47)rubber duck (362)stupid sexy celestia (1116)sweat (18386)sweatdrops (195)wetsuit (458)whistle (757)


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