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Out Of Her Mind.


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Bat Pone Fan
I’d imagine that’d be a lot easier to do with magic while taking a bath. No need for any extra equipment to set-up or worrying about getting the pages wet!
Background Pony #7FA1
Wait. Is that the bathroom? If it is, why are there cookies or are those fake cookies?  
I just noticed that.
Background Pony #7FA1
Shouldn’t it say ‘I live inside you +FOREVER!+’ instead of ‘I’ll live inside you +FOREVER!+’  
I seriously don’t know which one makes more sense now.
Background Pony #00AE
I’m sure a lot of you noticed that NMM is blushing but the luna in the mirror isnt, while the luna outside the mirror is. symbolism?
Background Pony #9AA1
“Sister! She’s in the mirror again!”
“Is she going to do her share of the paperwork?”
“Of course not.”
“She claims she shall not!”
“Take your medication and ignore her.”
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I like the idea that NMM is still inside Luna, but thanks to the elements of harmony she isn’t quite so crazy anymore and Luna can swap places with NMM at will