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suggestive192520 artist:tcn1205442 applejack202354 rarity219451 human250191 equestria girls258614 g42052975 applejack's hat14993 applesub503 bare shoulders6479 bdsm11095 blushing279013 bondage47121 bra22144 breasts397144 cleavage47436 clothes644462 collar48695 cowboy hat26455 dialogue95451 female1828422 femdom10492 femsub14613 gag20216 good girl724 hat126395 humanized120888 leash10718 lesbian119078 looking at each other35268 open clothes3813 pet2286 pet play5248 pigtails6818 pony coloring3267 raridom488 sexy46794 ship:rarijack8377 shipping257431 sleeveless8840 speech3735 submissive23801 underwear79867 undressing6649


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#1 Rarijack Enthusiast
Rarity being the dom when they roleplay seems to be a trend. And I’m okay with this.
Also, I love all the kiss marks on AJ’s body - sooo cute!  
I imagine all of AJ’s skin will have a red tint by the time Rare’s done with her~