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suggestive (108702)artist:tcn1205 (239)applejack (142472)rarity (151600)equestria girls (151283)adorasexy (7035)applejack's hat (3329)bare shoulders (1142)blushing (147167)bondage (25657)bra (11683)breasts (190540)cleavage (25995)clothes (338314)collar (23383)cowboy hat (9632)cute (139263)female (709406)femdom (5554)femsub (5760)gag (11259)good girl (305)hat (60130)jackabetes (3936)leash (5628)lesbian (77336)looking at each other (11523)open clothes (1907)pet (1623)pet play (2454)pigtails (2990)raribetes (3404)raridom (180)rarijack (5757)sexy (16980)shipping (156414)sleeveless (2124)speech (2195)submissive (9087)underwear (47600)undressing (3898)


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#1 Rarijack Enthusiast
Rarity being the dom when they roleplay seems to be a trend. And I’m okay with this.

Also, I love all the kiss marks on AJ’s body – sooo cute!
I imagine all of AJ’s skin will have a red tint by the time Rare’s done with her~
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