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suggestive190816 artist:tcn1205442 applejack200587 rarity217631 human245714 equestria girls256048 g42030206 applejack's hat14464 applesub481 bare shoulders6230 bdsm10879 blushing274327 bondage46549 bra21798 breasts391359 cleavage46751 clothes634966 collar47971 cowboy hat25755 dialogue93079 female1803874 femdom10380 femsub14314 gag19980 good girl712 hat124326 humanized119685 leash10589 lesbian117723 looking at each other34367 open clothes3730 pet2280 pet play5185 pigtails6669 pony coloring3251 raridom479 sexy46018 ship:rarijack8279 shipping254290 sleeveless8608 speech3708 submissive23378 underwear78886 undressing6583


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#1 Rarijack Enthusiast
Rarity being the dom when they roleplay seems to be a trend. And I’m okay with this.
Also, I love all the kiss marks on AJ’s body - sooo cute!  
I imagine all of AJ’s skin will have a red tint by the time Rare’s done with her~