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safe1689683 artist:supermartoonxpert3 applejack168479 fluttershy210897 pinkie pie214605 rainbow dash232074 rarity180252 twilight sparkle298378 alicorn221279 :34459 amethyst (steven universe)144 anime5307 bart simpson116 beast boy103 ben 10160 ben 10 omniverse39 bloo (foster's)60 blossom (powerpuff girls)242 blue (blue's clues)10 blue's clues62 blues clues13 bubbles (powerpuff girls)309 bugs bunny161 buttercup (powerpuff girls)225 buzz lightyear103 camp lazlo30 captain k'nuckles4 caption21286 chowder72 codename kids next door91 crossover61580 cyborg (teen titans)58 daffy duck72 danny phantom205 dee dee88 dexter82 dexter's laboratory206 dial m for monkey1 dipper pines347 double d76 dragon ball z2057 duck tales132 duck tales 2017102 ed149 ed edd n eddy795 edd120 eddy122 enid6 fairly odd parents42 family guy574 felix the cat22 ferb10 ferb fletcher35 finn the human277 flapjack14 foster's home for imaginary friends177 garfield250 garnet (steven universe)168 goku511 gravity falls1341 gumball watterson113 homer simpson262 image macro37057 jake the dog178 jenny wakeman127 jimmy neutron63 johnny bravo93 k'nuckles4 k.o. (ok k.o.!)15 kim possible128 knuckles the echidna487 lazlo18 lincoln loud53 looney tunes431 mabel pines387 mac (foster's)22 mane six31671 meme81468 merrie melodies57 mickey mouse172 monkey (dexter's laboratory)1 monochrome148578 mordecai432 mordecai and rigby87 morty smith121 mr. incredible16 my life as a teenage robot159 my little pony1297 nintendo3543 nintendo entertainment system357 numbuh 18 ok k.o.! lets be heroes29 omnitrix51 patrick star313 pearl (steven universe)216 peppa pig73 perry the platypus72 peter griffin118 phineas and ferb288 phineas flynn42 plank (ed edd n eddy)48 plankton71 pop team epic108 popuko16 powerpuff girls 201640 radicles3 raven (teen titans)453 regular show630 rick and morty511 rick sanchez196 rigby190 robin369 rumble mcskirmish2 samurai jack279 scrooge mcduck89 shrek282 simpsons did it381 sonic the hedgehog (series)7467 spongebob squarepants2914 stanford pines6 star butterfly291 star vs the forces of evil515 starfire183 steven universe1500 super smash bros. ultimate186 tara strong1211 teen titans515 teen titans go266 text58683 the amazing world of gumball239 the fairly oddparents353 the incredibles165 the loud house368 the marvelous misadventures of flapjack20 the powerpuff girls910 the simpsons1806 timmy turner100 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122941 ugandan knuckles86 uncle dolan2 wall of tags2958 woody131


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Background Pony #7CEF
Shrek: “Ogres power!”
Goku: “I don’t know about you guys, but I think I’m going to pump up!”
Fluttershy: “Oh my! The battle is harder then I thought!”
Sonic the hedgehog: “That’s exactly what we must do.”
Buzz Lightyear: “To infinity and beyond!”
Phineas Flynn: “I have a feeling that is going to be awesome!”
Kim Possible: “This is how the mission is always started.”
Felix the Cat: “I’m glad everyone will always be here as new friends.”
Daffy Duck: “Something tells me I could’ve be with the crossover characters instead of falling off the cliff.” (glup) “Ayyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”
Pinkie Pie: “I don’t know about you, Bugs. I wonder if Daffy can learn how to fly.”
Bugs Bunny: “Nope, I guess not.”
Background Pony #AC83
I feel like if you're throwing all these other characters into a fight to make it into smash, there should also be Undertale, and Waluigi. I mean, you got SHREK, but not Waluigi or Sans. C'mon!