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Spitfire's all hot and swety.

Sorry for deleting my Discord server without warning, I have been getting pretty stressed with art lately and wanted to change things. I think it's no longer needed anyway, since I'll be focusing on a single lineart work every week, instead of stressing over a bunch of sketches and doodles. Hope that didn't cause much confusion.

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suggestive (120105) artist:fetishsketches (524) spitfire (12388) anthro (213864) plantigrade anthro (24142) anklet (670) barefoot (22746) bracelet (7167) breasts (220268) busty spitfire (844) clothes (381775) cup (5037) desk (2639) feet (31323) feet on table (119) female (825609) fetish (32192) foot fetish (6040) jewelry (44006) monochrome (139949) shoes (26625) signature (16528) sneakers (4436) socks (52939) solo (924778) solo female (161198) spread wings (44041) sunglasses (12148) sweat (21161) sweaty feet (51) toes (5058) wings (61097)


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8 comments posted
Background Pony #1C9E
Great piece, must be hard work for her to train the new recruit in the summertime.
But always a great opportunity to show off her great body and feet.
Background Pony #A8DF
Ooh, is this implying that Spitfire was running around sockless in those shoes? Cuz that's hot af