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This is this year’s Valentines post, because why not. For those of you out there applicable, have a good day with your romantic other.

Also, me having chosen this particular pairing of characters may or may not be referencing something.
safe (1447227)artist:sketchmcreations (1407)princess luna (88787)queen chrysalis (29767)alicorn (167931)changeling (33398)changeling queen (8219)pony (715037)alcohol (5260)chrysaluna (82)drunk (4066)female (776702)glowing horn (13912)hearts and hooves day (1760)holiday (11780)hoof shoes (3021)inkscape (1418)lesbian (83281)magic (58611)pointy ponies (2835)shipping (166931)simple background (295857)telekinesis (21245)transparent background (154153)valentine's day (2572)vector (67263)


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