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Coloration of >>1952220
As in previous time, it were a true pleasure to color

suggestive190563 artist:longinius942 artist:stasyan190282 derpibooru exclusive40454 princess luna117099 alicorn313705 anthro359234 unguligrade anthro65215 g42027043 armpits46932 beautiful8604 beautisexy1980 bedroom eyes82067 belly button110413 bra21748 breasts390455 choker21291 clothes633558 cloven hooves16569 colored24943 crescent moon2818 curvy9801 female1800512 frilly underwear4915 garter belt12212 garters3621 hourglass figure2973 jewelry112787 lace1213 lingerie14026 looking at you258879 mare739656 moon31367 nail polish11589 night37765 panties63689 red underwear1535 ribbon9112 see-through7477 sexy45933 skirt55468 skirt lift5447 solo1424480 solo female234282 stockings48401 thigh highs59372 tiara6992 underwear78723 weapons-grade sexy122 wide hips30380


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I don’t usually upload as I comment here. The copy I made was meant for myself. But if you wish, I’ll upload it on my DA Stash, do PM me as bb-k, you’ll find me there and I’m ready for you. ;)

I’m glad I Photoshop my own copy of Luna in white lingerie, I’m ok with it. Just some selections and then adjust the curves after I desaturate the red, turned into grey & transformed into white.