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safe (1458222)artist:pesty_skillengton (489)applejack (150426)earth pony (157836)pony (723631)apple (13285)applejack's hat (4121)clothes (365891)cowboy hat (11034)cute (153916)cutie mark (35008)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2686)female (785361)freckles (21302)hat (66993)i love you (166)jackabetes (4452)mare (350815)mouth hold (13664)pictogram (1622)silly (6540)silly pony (2696)simple background (299031)sitting (47426)smiling (188421)solo (894167)text (42130)that pony sure does love apples (705)weapons-grade cute (2774)white background (74584)who's a silly pony (610)ych result (12665)

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