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These are all the MLP: FIM pairings I ship!

Applejack x Flim

Flimjack is my OTP, naturally. They’re just SO perfect for each other, and I couldn’t picture either of them with anypony else. The fanfics and fan arts I find are always super adorable, and I just know these two are meant to be. I see them as having an informal yet sweet relationship

Twilight Sparkle x Flam

Twiflam is my second favourite ship. I read this absolutely adorable fanfiction of Twilight and Flam, and now I couldn’t see Twilight with anypony else. They were just so compatible in the story, and I instantly started shipping them big time. I also think they’re really good matches, because they both have a love of inventions and information, so are very alike.

Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich

Cheesepie really doesn’t need any introduction, as the only match for a crazy party pony is another crazy party pony. I love how Cheese and Pinkie are both so identical, crazy, eccentric, exciteable ponies with mad party spirits and crazy ideas. They’re just so adorable and absolutely perfect for each other.

Rarity x Spike

I’ve shipped Sparity ever since Friendship Is Magic, and I think all the cute moments between them in all the episodes are just absolutely adorable. I also love how Spike always goes all floaty around Rarity with all the love motion, and the song he sang her in Best Gift Ever was so beautiful I almost cried.

Rainbow Dash x Zephyr Breeze

Zephyrdash is a ship I was unsure of at first, as I didn’t currently ship Rainbow Dash with anypony, but I really grew to love it, what with their free-wheeling attitudes and pure awesomeness. Zephyr Breeze was a hilarious character, especially his voice, and how he’s always flirting with Rainbow Dash. His pickup lines are priceless. 

Fluttershy x Bulk Biceps

Fluttershy had always been a difficult pony for me to ship, but then I read a Flutterbulk fanfiction, and it was really cute and funny, and I realized Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps are a perfect match. It was also really cute how she was giggling uncontrollably when he flexed his muscles in front of her in Rainbow Falls. I couldn’t see Fluttershy with anypony else.

Celestia x Discord

Dislestia is an absolute winner, and Celestia and Discord are just perfect for each other. I love how Discord and Celestia have always had such a personal relationship, what with first being archenemies and then friends. I loved the bit at the end of Twilight’s Kingdom with the flowers and the wink. That was really cute. I especially love how playful Discord acts around Celestia in The Return of Harmony and Princess Twilight Sparkle. It was really funny, and I know those two are a perfect couple.

Sugar Belle x Big Mac

I adored Sugarmac from the moment it happened. Sugar Belle is one of the most lovely characters, and her and Big Mac being in love was just so cute. I never actually expected Big Mac to have a real crush at some point in the series, as Cheerimac had just been because of a love potion, and when I found out he actually had a real crush on Sugar Belle, it was just ZING! PERFECT! Let this ship sail.

Apple Bloom x Tender Taps

Previously I had thought the CMCs were a little young for shipping, but I really grew to adore the Appletaps pairing. They were really sweet with each other in On Your Marks, especially the bit at the end where he cups her chin and says "I hope you keep dancing." That was super adorable, and those two are meant to be.

Silver Spoon x Rumble

Rumblespoon is a pairing I only started to like recently, mainly because of a picture I made for a user’s request. Fan arts and fanfiction always work their magic on me, and that one was no different. I think they’d be really cute together.

Party Favor x Night Glider

Partyglider was a pairing I started shipping when I saw Party Favor and Night Glider sitting at a table looking into each other’s eyes in Hard To Say Anything. They had some interaction in The Cutie Map, too, and I thought they were pretty compatible.

Sci-Twi x Timber Spruce

TimberTwi is ADORABLE! All the cute moments between Sci-Twi and Timber Spruce in Legend of Everfree were just SO adorable, and I love how compatible they are, especially the bit where they shared their knowledge of gemstones. Star Crossed was ever MORE adorable, and at the end, I was all "NOW KISS! KISS! KISS, I ORDER YOU!"

Radiant Hope x King Sombra

I loved Siege of the Crystal Empire, and Radiant Hope was an amazing character. It was so sweet how she wanted Sombra to believe in himself, and secretly loved him, and the bit at the end when Sombra reformed and Radiant Hope hugged him was just so adorable. I’ve shipped them ever since, because they are definitely meant to be.

Tempest Shadow x Stygian

Yet another fanfiction-provoked ship, courtesy of my good friend BEA-Drowned’s fanfictions. Her writing was amazing and I’ve started shipping them like mad thanks to her. I also think Tempest and Stygian have a lot in common, both being ex-supervillains with traumatic pasts and finding it hard to cope, but helping each other and eventually falling in love. They’re so made for each other.

Ms. Bea x Chancellor Neighsay

And finally, Chancellor Neighsay and an OC of BEA-Drowned’s, Ms. Bea, from her stories A Spark of Love and the sequel, Lustful, which not only made me ship Tempest and Stygian, but also Neighsay and Bea. They’re a really adorable couple, and they should so be together forever.
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The only ship I despise the most is timbertwi. Seriously, Sci twi and timber aren’t made for each other. Ugh. I hate it!
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