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source needed13407 useless source url2519 safe1589436 artist:shoutingisfun595 pinkie pie204791 earth pony204129 pony856513 belly24854 chubby12803 cute180937 dialogue61050 diapinkes8833 female933604 implied belly rubs16 looking down6975 mare421259 monochrome148283 open mouth125032 plump6722 pudgy pie1395 solo982463


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Background Pony #6588
I've got a license for love. And if it expires, rain hell from above!

It's 'Pray help from above' actually but nice Billy Idol reference there
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The magic's gone :-(
I don't have a license and I am not going to get one. Feels good to be an outlaw.

Now, prepare for belly rubs. Unlicensed belly rubs.