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suggestive192736 artist:tzc578 twilight velvet5582 human251124 g42055802 ass81533 beautiful8792 beautisexy2025 big breasts128529 bikini26205 bikini bottom2200 bikini top3243 blushing279590 breasts397933 busty twilight velvet1169 butt236235 clothes645628 cutie mark on human2625 female1831550 gilf727 humanized121020 looking at you265258 looking back88525 looking back at you30575 milf13565 night38543 outdoors22962 purple swimsuit383 sexy47001 sideboob14292 sitting94456 smiling406601 smirk18415 solo1447183 solo female237933 sparkles9582 stars23943 string bikini1124 striped swimsuit351 stupid sexy twilight velvet194 swimming pool4280 swimsuit39905 the ass was fat21386 thong swimsuit998 twibutt velvet308 untied bikini159 water26674 wet11988


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Background Pony #EDAC
Guess what? You’re a GMILF. That is a grandmother that I would like to f-

I always have to get it through my head that Velvet is actually a gilf now.
Albeit as Sgt.Bright says even in her base form she looks pretty nice and in shape (she has been depicted as a bit of an adventure/thrill junkie anyway).
Personally I blame it on the possibility that ponies (here in this pic of course transformed into a sexy human) can live pretty long, considering their natural magic capabilities and all that, so most of them if not all would outlive a human by quite a bit.
That means staying younger and in shape for longer on the outside as well.
Im not really talking about them growing up more slowly compared to humans (like dragons), but rather the extension of their prime-time by more then a small margin.
What I’m proposing is this:  
They grow from child to adult much the same as humans, but stay longer in their prime and become older/degenerate later than humans after that time.
Best example would be Granny Smith. According to the founder story of Ponyville, she has to be around 100 years old, yet can perform physical feets at such an age which would be utterly impossible for a human to replicate.
Hence, even if Velvet were to hit 40-45, she may still look and feel like 25-30. That would also extend the time span for them beeing able to reproduce… hmm Velvet might be thinking about getting her stallion to give Twilight another little brother? :D
Background Pony #AC9F
Such a beauty, she and Stellar Flare are top MILFs, although Velvet is a GILF too.