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suggestive136923 artist:professordoctorc308 yona4913 yak4409 anthro249569 bbw4187 belly27097 big belly10350 breasts265050 clothes441588 cute192238 eating9259 fat21312 fat yona25 female1319560 food67030 looking at you159722 midriff18867 sandwich1916 solo1031744 yonadorable748


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I will acknowledge that there are quite a few Anthro pics of a thin Yona that succeed at making her look pretty cute.
However I strongly agree with sentiments of people in this comment section. When drawing Yona as an Anthro, making her a fatty by default is the best way to go.
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There needs to be more of chunky/bbw Yona out in the art sites. Her build and species fits better with a chunky/fat build than the lank/thin build.
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For someone who comes from a snow-covered kingdom, she sure does dress lightly. I guess the fluff and chub help fill the gaps in the outfit.