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Spitfire Image Set 1/2

Originally posted on Patreon
suggestive (120216) alternate version (28272) artist:kevinsano (3092) spitfire (12388) anthro (214127) pegasus (213232) abs (8139) big breasts (62060) breasts (220511) busty spitfire (845) clothes (382259) cloud (30201) dog tags (455) female (827010) fitfire (88) jet (346) jet fighter (212) jewelry (44110) mare (375567) muscles (8832) necklace (13495) one-piece swimsuit (3505) plane (2406) signature (16592) smiling (197629) solo (925733) solo female (161306) swimsuit (22805) wristband (2663)


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4 comments posted
Joseph Raszagal
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Emily Brickenbrackle III
The dog tags are a nice touch. Kudos, Kev.

I feel like this would be an incredibly effective recruitment poster for the Royal Equestrian Air Force.