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I tried.

I could have easily made this nsfw, but didn’t.
safe (1376647)artist:pika-robo (296)derpibooru exclusive (18791)applejack (142494)pinkie pie (182763)shadow play (1100)3d (48267)animated (81905)applebutt (2953)applejack is not amused (378)butthug (257)butt touch (1677)earth pony (133950)extreme speed animation (637)female (709687)frown (18737)gif (22305)glare (7381)glomp (365)grin (26406)hug (21580)looking back (39496)mare (310814)mismatched eyes (186)pinkie hugging applejack's butt (73)plot (62306)pony (649473)scene interpretation (6672)seizure warning (2816)smiling (173244)source filmmaker (28538)surprised (6345)unamused (10387)wat (17149)wide eyes (13761)

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