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Better crank up that Elvis album. Three hot pieces of Siren ass are about to get Jailhouse Rocked.
suggestive164973 alternate version62356 artist:art-2u471 edit150046 editor:theabridgenator217 adagio dazzle14329 aria blaze10776 sonata dusk14726 equestria girls226019 rainbow rocks19076 absolute cleavage4444 belly button91139 big breasts99474 booty shorts356 breasts323730 busty adagio dazzle1882 busty aria blaze1268 busty dazzlings154 busty sonata dusk2022 cleavage39162 clothes532819 curvy7915 daisy dukes1548 disproportional anatomy428 female1535390 females only14512 gem7438 hand on hip9840 hot pants250 hourglass figure2040 huge breasts46108 human coloration5885 impossibly large breasts19393 impossibly thin waist194 looking at you203289 midriff20955 photoshop3882 prison935 sexy35370 shorts16379 siren gem2203 the dazzlings4852 thick5141 thigh gap799 thighs19751 trio14280 trio female3061 wide hips22292


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Ill never get sick of 2u’s Dazzlings. I love styles similar to the show but with some whopping “extra’s”.  
Plz don’t stop