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NOTES: Before I start with the Fan Fiction, I actually Dream this art and I worked on this late last night around 11:50 pm to 12:45 am and I finally completed the Digital version in 4:30 pm today.


it is sunset at Twilight's School of Friendship the Student 6 Are planning a Game Night in Gallus' room. they all Brought Snacks Chips, sodas, and Candy and They all got settled to play Monopoly.

5 minutes later it was Smolder's turn and Silverstream went to get a soda but trips and spilled the soda on paper works, the rest looked up and It turned out it was Gallus' Paper work for homework

Gallus all of a Sudden Scream "LOOK WHAT YOU DONE! NOW I CAN'T GET MY WORK DONE AFTER THE GAME THANKS TO YOU!" Silverstream stood still not saying a word puzzled

"GAME NIGHT IS DONE SO GOOD BYE!" as Gallus leaves Slamming the door Very Loudly Almost the whole school could hear.

As Sandbar gets up begins to say "maybe I should talk to him. He does Trust me though."

"I don't think he doesn't wanna Talk to you or us." said smolder

"Can't we Get Professor Twilight? She knows how to handle Friendship Like this." said Ocellus in a Calm voice

"I don't think we need to bring up the Professors." Replied Sandbar in a not Sure Face

"Yona Think we don't bother Griffin." said Yona in a Worried voice

As The rest of the Group continue to Talk About What to do as they about to talk to Silverstream about the debate only to see she has disappear.

"Where did Hippogriff go?" said Yona "Maybe she went to the bathroom crying in the Shower." Replied Smolder

the 3 group looked at Smolder in a strange and awkward look "what? Don't you do it in emotional state?" said Smolder

as they checked to Washroom She wasn't in there and they still have to think where she is. "maybe her Room?" said Ocellus.

and when they check in Silversteam's Room they See that She is also not in there. And soon they Continue to Search thought out the School.

Meanwhile Gallus is on the Balcony Viewing Ponyvill at sunset, Gallus Thinks to Himself For a While until hearing A voice Behind him only to be a Very familiar voice.

Soon then Gallus Turns around In a Calm Anger "What do you want?!" It turned it was Silverstream in A little bit of tear

"Can we talk? Please." said Silverstream Trying not to Cry. "No way I'm talking to you on what you Did. now there is now way I'm Going to work on my Homework now its ruin."

"GALLUS PLEASE LESSON TO ME!!!" said Silverstream in a rage almost loud to blow some creature's Eardrum out.

"I'm sorry, okay I'm Truly am Sorry. I never Wanted this Game night in a freak out." Silverstream continues to talk

"I never wanted to tell you or our friends Why I joined this School but After the whole Cave Test under the School when you Help me stood up to my fear, I think I should tell you Privately."

"Well We are alone now." Said Gallus now smiling of forgiveness.

"the Real Reason I came to this school is not Just to make friends but, I wanted to be a Hero for my Family legacy Like my Cousin Princess Skystar who help the (before) Processors to Take on the Storm king. And I wanted to know how It feels to be a Hero And make friends, working together and Stick together." As she tries to keep her spirits up not to be all in tears she Continues.

"and When I meet you, Sandbar, Yona, Smolder, and Ocellus. We made a one Heck of a Teamwork together as Friends. And Since I was confronting my Fears in the Cave on How to Not Give in and Stay Strong or something like that. and there was One Creature That told me those thing… You."

"me?" Said Gallus Almost Confuse if he was A Expert or something else.

"Yes. you Told me those Words and I even wanted to tell A While And Wanted to say it right now." as she Gets closer to a emotional and Confuse Griffon. "I… I…"

Gallus Want to say something but keep his beak in to let Silverstream Finish whats She is going to say. but in his Stomach He knew whats she is going to say.

"I … I Love you!" Gallus now Supersized what she said is Unexpected "you… Acutely love me?" he replied but he Began To say something else "I know I'm going to be hard on you but. I'm a Griffin and your A Hippogriff, We can't be in a Relationship Especially You want to say your Sorry, That I can Accepted But the Whole What you said I can't Deal With."

"Gallus I'm Telling the truth." Silverstream Tries to Continues "I can't Handle What your saying I think I'm Losing my mind!" As soon then The sun Disappeared A cloud of Rain came in and Begin To pour on.

"Please I'm Don't Want this to end like this." Silverstream Now finally in Tears Tries To get Gallus Attention but He Fries Away in the Stormy night.

"GALLUS! COMEBACK!"… I'm Sorry." as Gallus Continues To fly away Silverstream lies down in the wet Floor All in Tears Regretting The thing she said until.

"Silverstream there you are Wheres Gallus?" it was the Rest of the 4 friends Still for her And Gallus.

"Now we found Hippogriff. but Where is Griffon?" Said Yona looking around For their other friend.

"Hey Whats Wrong Silverstream? Did Gallus Did something hurtful to you?" Said Ocellus Concerned to a Crying Silverstream as she speaks.

"No. I Said I was Sorry to him, but I said Something I should of never said."

"Well what did you Told him?" Said Smolder

As Silverstream tells The Story on what happened The rest took it serious and They didn't know what else to say.

"We got to find Gallus Now!" Shouted Smolder.

"Well we can't leave School ground that's like Ageist the School Rules." Said Ocellus

"Yona Agree With Good Changeling." Said Yona Standing up for Ocellus

"Well Gallus Could get hurt out there, I think Smolder is right We sneak out Now." said Sandbar in a Warrior like attitude.

as the 5 Agree to Sneak out They pack their Game night Snacks and Leave to find their Lost Friend outside of their School.


this is where the first Chapter Ends

Continue in part 2


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Background Pony #6BF8
Honestly, I could imagine Silverstream developing feelings for him and pouring it out to him. I feel Gallus wouldn't know how to properly respond to her affection towards him though.