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safe1584855 artist:jargon scott2147 bon bon15446 lyra heartstrings28054 sweetie drops15450 earth pony205272 pony855200 unicorn273223 :p7356 bipedal30886 both cutie marks9371 clone2172 crossover58104 end of evangelion61 female1184689 giant lyra heartstrings25 l.u.l.s.103 mare426246 mega lyra25 neon genesis evangelion350 on back22451 parody15228 raspberry905 shid7 silly6997 sitting55751 size difference12350 smiling217771 t pose233 tongue out91614 u lil shid36 vulgar19408 wide eyes16085


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17 comments posted
Background Pony #ED2A
"Secret agent Agent Sweetie Drops… the truth is…"

* muted sound*

"Hmmph… you LIAR."

* Bonbon/Sweetie Drops is shot with a Nerf dart*