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I just play this game, really really hard and fun!
The group is really awesome! and I just want to paint the situation XD

Game official DA: empalu

Characters from FOE: Remains
LOGO from FOE: Remains

Enjoy it :)

If you like the game, please support the group :)))
safe1706492 artist:zouyugi174 oc684691 oc only448787 oc:littlepip4099 alicorn224439 bloatsprite24 earth pony248768 ghoul498 griffon27066 pony967610 robot7807 robot pony3608 unicorn323360 zebra17718 fallout equestria17031 game: fallout equestria: remains146 anti-machine rifle20 anti-materiel rifle47 armor23763 artificial alicorn310 bipedal34568 clothes459636 equidroid6 fanfic10396 fanfic art14345 female1363142 floppy ears52319 glowing horn19667 green alicorn (fo:e)104 gun15954 health bars58 hooves17847 horn67280 magic73269 male372711 mare480589 open mouth145860 pipbuck3505 power armor1183 rifle3729 scared10443 smiling248499 spitfire's thunder14 stallion108790 steel ranger312 teeth9776 text59551 vault suit3533 weapon30493


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Background Pony #0208
@Background Pony #DC66
Electricity, laser, fire, plasma, blade and blunt is a low variety?
I guess it limits a bit the gameplay, and it's difficult to fight bosses with them, that's true. Also, now that you mention, they are so great that yeah, they turn less and less fun over time.
Background Pony #0208
@Background Pony #DC66
I personally like more melee weapons. Maybe getting the AJ figurine rather early helped my decision. Those are very useful against pretty much anything. And the magic dagger saved my char's plot until I got Aurum. And Zebra Sword might be boring, but also very practical.
You can slash and whack enemies through a tiny hole and they would cluessly shoot at my levitated weapon.
Background Pony #E7FF
@Background Pony #D515
One enemy that's an exception, that you can actually kill with Death Ray if you ignite them with a molotov first.

By the time you're in Canterlot you should have most of the early game permanent buff alchemy anyways, so no worries about igniting yourself unless you get really unlucky.

An alternative is the Thunder Rifle or RailFun, though neither get the bonus disintegration chance so i hope you're packing enough ammo to annihilate the corpses.
Background Pony #28BA
Ok, after playing… your char (Littlepip) deserve it in this image.
Using the very first armor that does not protect her, a bullet rifle, too low HP for her stage, barely any cover, NO RUNE OF RETURN and somehow managed to aggro enemies from Manehattan, Steel Rangers Camp, Canterlot, the sewers and the abandoned stable, despite been several days apart in-universe.
Next time, bring a katana, those are too useful (except in Canterlot, that was my mistake and serves me well for not trusting magic)
Background Pony #E7FF
Steel Ranger is just about to Omae Wa Mou poor Pip there.

This is so sad Radioliar play Despacito
Lord Mega

don't forget to use perks, I went all the way up to level 40 without using any and it make the game much harder than it had to be.