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Bites lip
“Y-you… you do know I can hear you… ‘taking care of yourself’ back there, right?”
“…I-I’ll allow it.”

Questionable edit of >>1093991 from /trash/.
suggestive160172 artist:sundown1568 edit146852 princess celestia100815 pony1208882 ass59405 blushing222224 both cutie marks11777 butt136320 crown21809 dialogue73791 dock56992 embarrassed12653 eyeshadow19738 female1503713 frown26050 hands off the merchandise3 horn98792 jewelry80317 large butt21467 lipstick12774 makeup27232 nudity420178 peytral4372 plot96342 plump7646 praise the sun2163 presenting27291 raised tail18529 rear view15482 regalia25579 sfw edit260 solo1184993 solo female195771 speech bubble27840 standing16237 sunbutt4566 sweat30524 tail49458 the ass was fat16764 thick5036 thunder thighs10576 tsundere3131 wings149412 you can look but you can't touch4


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