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safe1680566 edit129698 edited screencap63469 screencap219064 starlight glimmer47897 pony942705 unicorn312592 father knows beast878 bath2862 bathtub1707 bathtub gag26 cleveland brown15 family guy575 female1339804 hat84693 image macro36971 levitation11847 magic71916 magic bubble99 mare468251 meme81250 self-levitation615 shower cap70 suds161 telekinesis27117 twilight's castle3777


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Artist -

Editor & Rail Fan
Starlight: GOSH DARN IT! That's it! No more! I'm through being pushed around by this town!
Spike (Off-screen): I'm sorry, Starlight
Starlight: It's alright, Spike!
Spike (Off-screen): I tried to talk him out of it, but-
Starlight: I don't blame you, Spike! You're a dragon! A DRAGON!
Background Pony #7F2B
Twilight: and away we go breaks castle bathroom wall in the hot air ballon
Starlight: No No No No NO NO! bathtub breaks I can't feel my tail
Trixie: Welcome to the party pony
Starlight: Oh wait here it is
Trixie: Aww.