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Coloured >>1646815

explicit464173 artist:spectre-z193 artist:zippysqrl457 color edit8908 edit171064 jasmine leaf231 earth pony436875 pony1579932 g42004818 absurd resolution66995 anus135110 bedroom eyes80975 butt226349 colored24596 counter445 detailed1134 dialogue90909 dock69915 female1778476 human vagina on pony9150 lick my pussy237 looking back84770 loss (meme)353 mare726871 neckerchief2663 nudity504248 plot140745 ponut62945 raised hoof68347 smiling388976 solo1408048 solo female229966 speech bubble38040 standing23970 talking to viewer5711 vulva186359


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These drawings are so amazing, excellent perspective scaling and shading, it practically looks 3D, it’s incredible..

Last clopper on Earth
@Background Pony #665D  
Yeah, but pussies taste like all kinds of things so it’s hard to even generalize. However, if you want an “average” taste then I think something like shrimp with a little vinegary tanginess is probably what you’re looking for. Don’t ask me how to brew that into a tea, though.
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Hoofsies Rule
God I’ve missed these kinda artworks from zippy  
Delicious and incredibly great looking.  
I think you can just flat draw a raw background like that with bright matching colors and then shape it bowing and lay that on top of the eyes to give it the effect